Guiding Principals
When you use Vet Taxi, you can rest assured that your pet will be handled by a professional with the utmost
love and care. As we are very passionate about our own pets as family members, we will never forget that
your pet is a part of your family. We will transport each pet individually allowing us to give the best care to
your pet and a more accurate pick up time frame for your convenience. Our handler is USDA certified
veterinary nurse and your pet is insured while under our care.

Transport Area
To and from most locations in the Washington DC metropolitan area, including specialty clinics located
outside the immediate region.
Pet Services
Vet Taxi provides transport to most pet service related facilities, including veterinary clinics, groomers, day-
care facilities, kennels and other locations, such as airports. We also offer door to door pet shipping
nationally and internationally.

Zilla's Dream Bed and Breakfast for dogs opening on 8/1/07

After much thought and a lot of encouragement from our existing clients, we have decided to convert the
downstairs portion of our home to a bed and breakfast for doggies. Zilla’s Dream Bed and Breakfast
consists of 2 doggy bedrooms complete with toddler beds, dog beds, lots of toys and all the comforts for a
puppy away from home. Each room has a large window that looks at our front yard. Our clients are
encouraged to bring their own dog food and anything that will make their puppy feel home when they are
here at doggy camp. Our office also is a large room attached to the doggy bedrooms that will offer indoor
play area for our guests.

Our property is located in Brandywine Maryland and consists of almost 13 acres of wooded land abundant
with all types of wildlife. The puppies staying with us will get a chance to meet our rescued horses, get nice
walks in the woods may be even get to chase a bunny or two or just enjoy the scenery and companionship.

We are setting up this bed and breakfast especially to offer an alternative to dog owners with older dogs or
dogs recovering from surgery, diabetic dogs that need injections daily, or dogs that need to be on
complicated medication regimens. We can also offer transport to their vet during their stay for ongoing
therapies like radiation therapy or chemo therapy. With our new set up downstairs we will be able to handle
dogs with walking problems, recovering from back surgeries etc. since they never would have to make it
up and down steps. We also will be able to handle any diet recommendations even if we need to cook for
your pup when you are away.

My hope with starting this is that owners with older or sick pets would at last have a choice of leaving their
pets in a home environment but will rest assured that all their pet’s medication needs will be handled
appropriately in conjunction with their veterinarian’s directions.

Now, we will also offer this service to any pampered dog that would prefer to go to camp instead of a
kennel while their humans are on vacation.So, if you have an extra special pup give us a call.

Yes, we can help you with everything necessary for the planning and executing of your pet's move within USA
or overseas. Just call us and we will help in getting everything ready from the vet visits to paperwork
necessary to make the move go smoothly for you and your pets. Specializing in moves to Turkey but will
arrange for getting your pets anywhere in the world.

Animals Serviced
Just about any pet, from guinea pigs to mini-pigs.

Vet Taxi uses a 2000 Dodge Durango and a 2006 Dodge Caravan with ample room for several different
methods of transport. Our vehicle is equipped with specialty equipment for comfortable and safe transport of
pets and a Global Positioning System to make sure we always arrive on time.
Transport Methods
Pets are transported(individually) using a method appropriate to both the type and temperament of the
animal. Owner's are also welcome to ride with their pet if they wish as long as they let us know ahead of
time.  Dogs can be transported using specialized seat belts, in crates, or in the Puppy-Room in the back for
well behaved girls and boys.  Cats, however, are always transported in crates.  Other species, such as birds
and reptiles will also be transported in cages suitable for the pet. All pets get treats for being good,toys to
play with during transport potty breaks before and after trips and are offered water regularly. Extra love, hugs
and kisses are always free off charge and offered frequently.

Post-Vet Exam Consultation
As a veterinary technician(nurse), ilkim Boyle, will attend the exam with your pet and ask the questions that
need to be asked.  She will then let you know the results of the exam through either a face to face or
telephone consultation, whichever is more convenient for you (even after normal business hours)
Scheduling Appointments
Vet Taxi would be pleased to make the appointments for your pet’s veterinary needs at a clinic of your
choice.  If you would like some advice regarding general practice veterinary hospitals, or specialty clinics,
Vet Taxi would be pleased to offer some recommendations.

Future Services
In the future, Vet Taxi is considering extending its services to  providing training and behavior clinics and
seminars. We are also considering extending our services to emergency transportation of horses. We will let
you know as soon as we can offer these or other services.
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