Introducing Zilla's Dream Bed and                
         Breakfast for Dogs

At last a great place for the old and the special needs dogs to
enjoy their mini vacation. Whether they need to wear a diaper
or need to be using their wheelchair to walk around, Zilla's
Dream is the place for the very special dog that needs just a bit
more attention.

Best Candidates for staying at Zilla's Dream are;

Dogs with disabilities
Senior dogs
Dogs that use wheel chairs
Dogs recovering from surgery (IE. Back surgery, orthopedic surgery,brain
surgery, tumor removal, cruciate repairs, hip replacements,etc.)
Dogs with progressive spinal cord conditions
Dogs that are going through physical therapy
Dogs that are going through cancer treatments like chemotherapy or
radiation therapy
Diabetic dogs that need insulin injections
Dogs that need other injectable or complicated medication regimens
Dogs that need help getting up and walking
Dogs that need to wear diapers, etc. Due to age or injury
Dogs that need very specific foods due to allergies, inflammatory bowel
syndrome, etc.
Dogs that need their bladders expressed

Or dogs that just want a bit more love and room to roam when their
parents are away.

Zilla's Dream is located in our home that is situated in 12+ acres of wooded land
abundant with wildlife. Each dog gets his/her own room furnished with a toddler
bed, dog bed and toys. Any changes to the furnishings can be made due to
specific dog's needs. Each room has windows looking at our front yard and the
wooded property. All get at least 5 walks a day, more if required by their
condition or character.

Please note that Zilla's Dream can not take hospitalized patients but will be able
to take care of any pet that can go through their recuperation at home. Any
medication regimen can be accommodated at any interval necessary.

We can also schedule re-checks, check ups,physical therapy sessions with your
vet or therapist while your pet is staying with us so they don't miss their regular
sessions. Although we recommend you bring your pet's own food, we will
accommodate any special diet requirements that may necessitate cooking for
your pet.

Please note our space is very limited ( only 2 clients at a time) so if you have a
dog with special needs that would like to share our home for a while, let us know.

Some of our recent cases;

4 year old Doberman pincher with Wobbler's syndrome, recovering after fusion
of cervical spine. Dewie was referred to us by a great surgeon that did the
surgery. Her family had to be away right after her surgery so she will spend the
2 weeks after her surgery with us. She is on many medications and needs to be
confined during this time. She is just a great girl and a pleasure to have around.

18 month old Newfie recovering from total hip replacement. Merlin will be coming
over to stay with us 2 weeks after his surgery since his family needs to be away
for a short while. Referred by an area surgeon. We can't wait to meet Merlin in a

Marilyn and Nacho are our regulars that just love to come and stay at the B& B
with us. There is nothing wrong with them and they are 12 and 3 years old. They
just like to stay at the farm and enjoy the serenity.

Lulu is a 4 year old Jack Russel that had a cancerous tumor removed in her
home country Turkey. She came to DC area from Istanbul, Turkey for radiation
therapy. We took her for her sessions every day for 2 weeks. She recovered
great and a happy healthy girl with her family again. She was our first client to
stay with us and has been the best of guests. Since that time she has moved to
England with her family and now enjoys walks in Hyde Park daily. We miss
Princess Lulu.

Ryoma and Coco are 2 wonderful corgis. Ryoma had back surgery and was
paralyzed for a few months a few years back. He goes swimming for therapy and
gets regular acupuncture treatments to keep him walking and enjoying life. Both
Ryoma and Coco stay with us when their parents have to leave town. They also
require special diet and supplements. They are great dogs and we love having
them over as guests.

Ellie is a rescued grey hound that is an ex-racer. She is really a special girl and
we love having her over when her parents are out of town. She recently got
diagnosed with cervical spine problems, but is doing great with acupuncture

Boomer is a 13.5 year old fox hound that actually used to go to hunts. He was
diagnosed with wobbler's disease a couple years back and went through
surgery to fuse his neck. He was paralysed for a few months after surgery but
recovered well. He requires home cooked special diet and supplements and
medications. He is a great old man that still enjoys off roading in the wooded

More to come soon...