August 2, 2006

Dear Ms. Ilkim Boyle (VetTaxi),

Your services today in transporting our treasured family cat, Patrick, from the Dupont
Veterinary Clinic to Reagan National Airport were invaluable. Your knowledge,
experience, professionalism and kindness transformed a very stressful event into a hasslefree
one for us.

Three weeks ago, we moved from Washington DC to Scottsdale, Arizona and had been
boarding our cat at its veterinary clinic until we arrived in Arizona (our cat would not
have enjoyed a two-week drive across the country in the backseat with our dog). A glitch
arose on the day Patrick was suppose to travel alone by airplane from Washington DC to
join us in Arizona and we found ourselves in desperate need for a means to get our cat
from the vet’s boarding facilities to Reagan National airport in time to make her flight.
Not being in DC, we obviously could not transport her ourselves. Our vet recommended
your name to us.

Your willingness to rearrange your day in order to transport Patrick with just a few hours
notice was generous and greatly appreciated. Vet Taxi’s services were prompt, efficient,
and knowledgeable. You asked all the right questions of us and your experience as a
veterinary technician as well as your experience in handling pet transport and pet travel
by airplane provided me with immediate comfort and confidence – my husband said he
could see my stress level decrease while you and I were talking on the phone! Your offer
to provide food for Patrick during her travels as well as bringing your own personal crate
to the airport as a back-up reinforced what we were feeling from our call with you – we
had found someone who cared as much about Patrick as we do and someone who knew
the idiosyncrasies of airline’s pet travel policies (it is no easy task to meet all the airline’s
requirements)! I also can’t thank you enough for cleaning-up after Patrick’s “accident”
in her crate before turning her over to the airline, which allowed Patrick to travel to
Arizona in comfort. Patrick arrived safe and sound tonight – it couldn’t have happened
without you!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for making this event go so smoothly for us. I
will recommend you highly to all of our many friends and family with pets. There is no
question that we could not have moved Patrick today without you. Thank you for being
instrumental in reuniting our family.

All the Warmest Regards,
E.B. Marquez

As a canine rehabilitation practitioner, I have found Vet Taxi's services to be invaluable to me, my
clients, and my patients.  As many patients travel from quite a distance to/from our location in
Calvert County, Maryland and are unable to take time off of work to travel to our office, Vet Taxi
has provided a service beyond expectations.  From careful transportation to meticulous care to
seamless communication between the client, Vet Taxi, and our rehabilitation staff, we have all
been incredibly impressed by Vet Taxi's service.  Vet Taxi has even communicated and
demonstrated home exercise programs to our clients on discharge to home, service above and
beyond our expectations.

Amie Lamoreaux Hesbach, MSPT, CCRP
President, Animal Physical Therapy Special Interest Group, American Physical Therapy
Instructor, The Canine Rehabilitation Institute
For Paws Rehabilitation
The Mid-Atlantic Animal Specialty Hospital
August 4, 2006

Dear Ilkim,

At the May 2006 Bark Ball to raise funds for the Washington Humane Society, I bid on a package
including swimming therapy sessions. My Lizzie, a 12 year old shepherd/doberman mix, has
had arthritis for several years that severely limits her ability to chase balls. She likes the water
very much, and I thought these sessions would be helpful (as they have proved to be) in keeping
her healthy.

The package included transportation via Vet Taxi to and from the Olde Town Spa for Dogs. If
transportation had not been included, I could not have managed getting Lizzie to and from the
therapy sessions. I appreciate that you have been very cooperative in scheduling the sessions
and the comfort of the transport. Lizzie was easily able to walk up the ramp into the car and settle
on the blanket with a toy. Lizzie is a sensitive soul and I was glad to see you had a calm gentle
manner to put her at ease. The first session was obviously a pleasant experience as she was
eager to go again the second time.

I have mentioned you to several people who have trouble transporting their pets, and I am sure
your services are particularly useful in medical situations.  Lizzie and I look forward to seeing you
in the future.


We heard about VetTaxi because we take our german shepherd, Scout, to Dog Town Maryland.
We use your services because Dog Town is quite far from our house, and IlKim obviously cares
about our rescue dog and her well being! She has gone above and beyond the call of duty with
Scout, who used to throw up in the car and become very anxious when away from home.
Throughout these challenges, IlKim and Vet Taxi have been wonderful, supportive and very
understanding of Scout's past traumas and behavioral challenges.

Scout's Mom
We recently experienced an emergency when we were out of the country and it became too hot
outside for our three dogs to be at home, so we needed for our dogs needed to be transported
immediately to the kennel.  We didn't know anyone to call, so we got on the Internet and
searched "pet taxi" for Northern Virginia.  We called three of the names our search produced, in
no particular order, and left messages with two of the pet transporters.  (They never did return
the calls.)  Our third call got ilkim in person, and she responded with so high a level of
professionalism and immediacy that we were very impressed.  She emailed us the necessary
forms and waited for our emailed reply, then immediately set out to rescue our dogs.  She had
no problems either with our dogs - all three of them! - or with the logistics of transportation from
somewhere she had never been, to somewhere she had never been.  She called us when she
had successfully checked them in at the kennel.  

Not only did she do everything right with all three dogs - who are quite a handful! - but her
professionalism reassured us greatly, leaving us with confidence that our dogs were in good
hands indeed.

Thanks, ilkim!

L. Brand-Ballard