What is Vet taxi?
Vet Taxi is area’s leading insured pet transport company owned
and operated by ilkim Boyle who has 10+ years of experience
working with animals. She also is a USDA certified intermediate
animal handler.

What experience does ilkim Boyle have?
In her years of involvement with the pet industry, ilkim Boyle has
worked as a veterinary nurse, part-owned and operated
Washington, D.C.’s first doggy daycare center, volunteered for
US Neapolitan Mastiff Rescue, raised many new born kittens to
be adopted, volunteered in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation,
raised many new born wild birds, squirrels, raccoons, etc. for
release, volunteered in rehabilitation of many species of animals
such as eagles ( including bold eagles), various hawks,falcons
and owls ( including pygmy and spotted owls), harbor seals, deer,
opossums, beavers, bears, etc. She currently rescues and trains
horses at her farm and helps with wildlife rehab/ rescue and dog
rescue as needed. Aside from this, ilkim also has a pilot’s license
and was the only woman pilot in the first Turkish Air Rally in
1988. She placed second. She was one of the first 3 women ice
hockey players in Turkey in the 80’s. She also speaks Turkish

Why is it better to send my pet to vet with Vet Taxi?
In many years of working in veterinary hospitals, ilkim Boyle has
developed many skills in handling pets in this environment. She
also developed a very broad understanding of the veterinary
medicine and the workings of veterinary hospitals. By using Vet
Taxi, you will always know that all the right questions will be
asked for the care of your pet and all the alternative therapies will
be discussed. After the visit, you not only will receive a thorough
explanation of your pet’s health but also will receive lifetime of
health and behavior consultation by a professional.

Can I get a ride with my pet?
Owners are more than welcome to get a ride with their pet as
long as you let us know a head of time.

I will not be home at pick up/drop off time for my pet. Can
Vet Taxi enter my home to drop of my pet?
If you will not be able to be home for drop off or pick up time, we
sure can get a key and handle this. Or if you prefer, we can just
take your pet to a daycare facility or even our 12+ acre farm until
you are back. Please remember there is an additional charge for
holding pets.

Can I purchase gift certificates?
Gift certificates are always available, please call us to let us know
of the specifics of the gift you would like to give.

Would Vet Taxi arrange for picking up meds, food, etc. for
my pet?
We sure can. Just give us a call.

I have a special occasion I would like my pets to be a part
of and I need someone to handle them during the
ceremony and transport them after the ceremony. Will Vet
Taxi arrange such a service for me?
We can arrange for handling your pet at many different situations
from weddings to birthday parties. Let us know your plans and we
will get you a cost estimate.

Why do people use Vet Taxi?
There are many reasons people choose to use Vet Taxi instead
of transporting their pet themselves. Here are a few:
Don’t want pet hair in their car
Don’t have a car
Can’t get dog in the car alone
Can’t drive or prefer not to drive
No time. Convenience.
Travel arrangements don't permit you to drop off your pet at the
kennel, and you don't want him to stay there a day or 2 more than
Your pet has incontinence or gets car sick, and you don't want to
deal with the mess
You would like a knowledgeable professional to help you with
your pets health issues to get them the best care
Your pet needs to go to the airport to travel with you but you don't
want to rent a car and have to return it at the airport or don't want
to park at long term parking

How do I arrange for payment for the pet provider charges?
Your payments for the pet service providers can either be
arranged via phone  by credit card directly with the provider or
you can give us a check written for the provider and we will fill in
the amount. We will always provide you with the receipt from the
provider so you know all the charges. As for Vet Taxi charges, we
only accept cash or checks at the moment.

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